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Mobile App Development Company in Aberdeen UK

Mobile app developers in Aberdeen UK

Our mobile app development Agency in Aberdeen provides their services in Edinburg, Glasgow and in rest of Scotland. As best Mobile App Development Company in UK, we are expected to bring out latest mobile application design and unique layout all the time. Our mobile app developers have years of experience and expertise for app development and they will develop custom mobile app for your business.

With more and more people coming online through their mobile devices, mobile apps have become a critical part of the business. Mobile apps allow the customers to have all the information they require, and this is where our experienced and innovative designers and developers chip in. They will develop an app for your business, increasing its visibility and revenue.

For apps to be successful, it should be available on possible applications. There are not so many with Android systems, iOS and Windows being the only significant players. To start with iOS and Android app development should be there.


Apps also mean that there is a presence of your business on the customer’s personal mobile. This means your business is an essential part of customers’ life. It makes purchases as easy as opening the app and placing an order.

Some of the prominent benefits of mobile apps for business especially takeaway restaurants are as follows:

  • It makes the customer brand loyal
  • It helps you to build a strong brand
  • Increases your presence on the internet
  • Improves the accessibility of your business
  • Gives chance to generate revenue through ads
  • Increases the business exposure of your brand
  • Last but not the least connects your business with on the go customers

Another question is why the customers prefer to order from a mobile app? Well, there are many benefits for them. They are able to:

  • Get instant access to the menu via their mobile devices
  • Be notified of special offers, and new products instantly
  • Are able to locate where your business runs from
  • Make quick orders anytime they want

Now the critical question for you is how to get an app developed? A mobile app is a critical part of the business and its development is a vital project, and you should choose professional to do the job. Our teams of app designers are well trained to build mobile apps adhering to the quality and industry standards. They will build an app for iPhone and Android devices to increase the reach of your business. Menu placement in a mobile app is very important as it is promotion, as well as convenience bundle together. This aspect is well taken care of by our team.

Each mobile app is created, tested in the local environment and then submitted to Apple and Google for approval on their quality standards. Once approved your customers can download and use it. So, avail our app design and development and focus only on business growth.

IOS App Development Company UK

App was first introduced by Apple as a way to make things simple in developing. App development services were then done for iOS only and for Apple devices only. Hence Apps and iOS have a history together. When Steve Jobs released the first iPhone, the demand for iOS app development services was created. This led to many companies specializing in providing these services and a niche was created. Our team of iOS application development services Aberdeen UK has exceptionally talented people who take care of the needs of the takeaway industry, making apps that shine among many and are easy to use.

What includes App development for iOS?

  • Financial Estimate of the Project

    The first step in app development services is estimating the money that can be spent on the app. Since the app will require bug fixes regularly to make it better, there is also budget for it.
  • Assessing the needs of the User

    Takeaway restaurants have varied customer base, and the app has to be made as per the customer profile. This is done by doing some research on what kind of target market is there to exploit.
  • Making a Prototype

    After the requirement of the takeaway restaurant is known, a prototype is made for the application and this is tested in a closed environment first.
  • Fixing Bugs in the App

    Any application while making has many glitches and these need to be removed for proper working. Some bugs are removed in prototype testing and the rest are removed regularly, thereby improving the functionality of the application.
  • Quality testing and submitting to App Store

    Once the app is ready it is submitted to App Store. All our apps have passed the test of quality by Apple and are doing well as a point of sale for our customers (Takeaway Restaurants).

What else does an App for iOS do?

So now you have an app which is there on the App Store and your customers can download it. But do you know that a well built app can do more than just be a tool for the customer? Our iPhone app development company Edinburgh UK takes your app to a new level. You have the option of putting in business analytics tools which can be triggered via customer feedback.

    This can give excellent information which can be used in many ways:

    1. As a tool to explore new markets
    2. Gives insight on what customers require
    3. Also acts as an advertising tool for the company making the brand stronger



We analyze the need and plan as per the need of the specific customer.

App Development


Then our team wireframes the website and also selects the design that goes well with the business.



The next step is hand coding done by expert coders specific to the website.



Then the website and its code is tested on the live platform to learn about glitches.

Android App Development Company UK

The most popular mobile operating system is Android and has almost double the market share of iOS. Why so? Well, android is an open source operating system and it is easy to process. Due to this businesses around the world are looking for Android app development services UK to increase the reach of their business. Thus an Android app is a must have for takeaway restaurants. Our team for android application development Edinburgh UK makes it possible to churn out apps made just for you with a guarantee of zero commission. So, if you a small restaurant or a branded one being on the Android platform with the help of app design and development is a must.

The Benefits of Android App Development

Android apps came in much later after Apple apps but are gaining popularity ever since. They are now having more apps than Apple. The reasons are many:

  • Gives the Business (Takeaway Restaurants) more return on investment

    Android provides free tool kit thus minimizing the cost of development and licensing.
  • Android is open source

    Of course Google owns Android, but it is still free. The added benefit for using an open source platform is that there is an active community supporting it. There are many brilliant minds working together to make the experience better. That is what our app design and development team focuses on.
  • It is easy to integrate

    Android applications are easy to integrate in any kind of architecture, thus providing the ideal solution.
  • Can help to sell through multiple channels

    Android applications can be deployed in many ways. You do not have to depend on a single market. You can use a third party market place or can also place it on your own website.
  • Easy to update

    Android apps are easy to update and fix bugs, and hence are the first apps to be developed by a company. It is generally preferred choice for small businesses.

Android App Development

The process of Building an Android App

Building an Android app is very simple. With free tools and easy accessibility to different markets it can be tested in real time. Let us look at the process of building a mobile app. App development services are as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Development of application using the SDK free tool from Android.
  2. Testing the application in a closed environment. It can also be done live but it is better to fix bugs after testing in a closed environment.
  3. Deploying the App in a market (Play Store)



Here we analyses and understanding your requirements for apps primarily.



It’s a stage where our mobile interface design team starts designing UI/UX for application and ensuring that all the requirements are covered.



In this Android app development process, apps development team starts coding within a stipulated timeframe.



Our apps testing team ensures that there are less chances of errors in the app being developed.