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Receiving Orders

Receiving Orders

Receipt of orders in a proper manner is very critical when the order comes through a take away ordering app. With our ordering solution this is made easy and organized. A dedicated system can receive these orders, which are then added to the orders from a website.

The customer on their end can track their order using our take away ordering app. Thus they are able to know the status of their orders. On the end of the restaurant, you will get an audio and visual reminder of the time elapsed since the order has been placed. This helps in keeping up with the order and delivering on time.

AppWeb Order Printer

In addition to the dedicated system we also provide a simple mobile solution. This is the WebApp mobile printer which prints orders and makes the receipt and order management quite easy. You just have to plug it in and start receiving the orders. It uses touch technology and is very convenient to use.

For clients who do not have access to internet and Wi-Fi, we provide an internal SIM card that uses the mobile networks for connecting to the internet. This solution is provided to all our customers opting for the ordering solution.

In case of days or times when you are overwhelmed with orders, you can also use the management dashboard to step up the system. We always build a peak hour management in our app, which notifies the customer about the extended time it will take to get the order ready.

Our ordering solution covers all bases for you and you will never miss the orders. You will be able to increase your efficiency and make optimal use of resources which in turn will increase your revenue. The ordering solution with the take away ordering app takes away your worries, but be ready for the overwhelming response!

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