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A website designed professionally is vital for any business to be successful. With internet searches becoming the first choice to decide product and services for customers, the website becomes the pathway to the generation of business. A nice clean and informative website is paramount in converting the visitors to your website. The incidence of “just visiting” occurs in more than 75% cases as the design of the website does not meet customer requirements. Our web design company in Aberdeen designs website focusing on the nature of business making your online presence fruitful and adds to your revenue figures. We yearn to provide the best web designs services and mobile apps development services Edinburgh, which includes communicating the business message. The designs that we provide make navigating the website very easy and blend in with the functions you require. .

Why is Web Design so Important?

Most of the small businesses think that simply putting up a website is enough to make an online presence. But this is the biggest myth which has been busted by companies that focused on website design and development and went on to become huge success stories. An online business especially takeaway restaurant is not a onetime process. Rather it is an ongoing process with hourly and daily orders to cater. Even simple websites need to be dynamic as Google offers extra ranking points for content being refreshed. You will need to add articles and resources and also offers. Thus you need professional web design services for your restaurant and takeaways to make it happen.

Web Designing

Why Not To Build the Website Yourself?

With easy instruction on “how to build a website” on YouTube, you would be wondering why not to do it yourself. There is an easy answer to this. A website built by self is done without much care about ranking, which is of utmost importance for business related websites.Being able to appear on the first page on all search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN being the three most important) is the aim of every business website and this is the reason self made websites are a big “NO”.

You do not need to be a web designer to start a business though. Our team has spent years perfecting skills like SEO, designing and coding to make your business a well built professional website at very economical prices. Make sure you have a website that works well and a mobile app that furthers the internet presence. Leave the technicalities to us and see your revenue and profits grow like a dream.



We first look at the aspect of business and plan what menus to include and what to remove. It includes content


Wireframe and Design

Then our team wireframes the website and also selects the design that goes well with the business. This is the skeleton for the ultimate website.


Review and Approval

Once the skeleton of the website is done, our review team reviews the website in-house and then sends it to the quality team for approval.


Slicing and Coding

Once the design is approved the gross work is done which includes dividing the websites in pages and writing the code. The code written by our team is flexible and can be changed with ease.